New CICSA. New brand.

2020 has been a busy year for Your CICSA Management Council.  Along with addressing Employee Grievances, Meeting with the Public Service Pension Boards, the MC has perhaps most importantly been involved with the recent and initial discussions with CINICO and POCS on a revised draft of the Civil Service CINICO coverage.  Now, we need to hear from you!

While the review is under way, we ask that if anyone has any opinions about their recent health coverage – what has worked or not worked – please let us know. CICSA remains the best avenue to advocate for ourselves as a group, with ongoing discussions with CINICO and the POCS as well as a seat on the HSA Patient Committee.  But we need to hear from you on ‘How Your Health Insurance Is Working’ for you. 

As this is still in the early stage, we are not in a position to release a statement – and no commitments have been made on behalf of members.  However it is important you are aware of the discussions and informed.  

Some of the changes include possible improvements in coverage while others assist with reducing costs to CINICO/CIG.  This may mean shifting costs to individual Civil Servants and/or not including coverage outside of what has traditionally been offered by other Health Insurances or at local and international medical facilities other than where CINICO members normally attend.

You can review the current agreement